Animals of Yellowstone National Park

Besides all the different geothermal features in Yellowstone National Park, it’s animals are just as memorable. As you drive throughout the park you may be caught in a traffic jam. You start to wonder how many people are visiting the park because no one is moving forward. That is when you notice them, the bison. They cross the roads with no care in the world and create the traffic jams. When you first notice them you are so excited that you got to see the bison. After seeing so many of them and getting stuck in the traffic jams you no longer find anyone in the car screaming out “Look Bison”!

Near the Mammoth Hot Springs at the park’s headquarters we noticed there were elk everywhere. If you are lucky enough to find a parking spot you can get a closer look at the elk. Just make sure to not get too close as there are restrictions on how close you can get to the animals. With the variation of elevations and habitat types the park has approximately 285 types of birds. The Great Blue Heron is just one of many birds you will find in the park. Surprisingly, I didn’t get too many bird photos during our last trip out to the park. 

This was the first time we noticed a few pronghorn grazing among the bison in the fields. Keep your eyes open and look every where because you may be lucky and see a bear in the wooded areas. We were driving and I noticed the bear and made Rob quickly turn around so I could take it’s photo. I was taking a lot of photos of the bear and then noticed how loud it became around me. Looks like the bear and I caused a little traffic jam. I know everyone wants to grab a photo of wildlife but please try to pull over when possible. So many people just stopped in the middle of the road and jumped out of their cars to take a photo. Park rules state that you should always remain at least 100 yards (91 meters) from bears when viewing for your and the bear’s safety. 


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