We started traveling as a younger family with three children and sometimes included our crazy in-laws. We will not say which ones are the crazy ones, but we will just say it applies to all of them. As time goes by, our travels will change as the children leave the home as we travel as a couple, then our grandchildren eventually joining Rob and I on our travels.

Our first big trip was to North Carolina in 2007. I know it would have started earlier than that if it wasn’t for lack of funds, knowledge and Rob realizing camping with the Marines is far different than camping in a National Park with his family. Ten years later, in 2017 we completed traveling through the lower 48 states. For some reason we decided to pick middle of nowhere to hit this milestone. North Dakota for Rob and I and Montana for Andrew and Emily. We saved the best two states for last. Okay, maybe it has to do with not being able drive to Hawaii and it would take forever to get to Alaska from Central Texas, but those are the last  two states we have to visit.

We look back at our travels and know we have created memories to last a lifetime for our family and it seems like for so many others as well. Along the way we have started to share our experiences on our Facebook pages. Who knew that we were interesting enough for people to follow us on our trips?? When we found each other asking who a person was after they had liked a photo or post we realized we needed to set up a separate travel page so anyone could follow us. When we started being asked for recommendations of where to eat and visit, how we plan our trips and many other questions in regards to our travels, we decided to set up a blog.

Welcome to Duncan Family Travels! Get in, put your seat belt on and hang on to experience our travels in the United States and later, the rest of the world.

Rob and Janell Duncan


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