Grand Central Terminal

When you visit New York City one of the top places to visit is Grand Central Terminal. As I was looking into the history of the place I found out it isn’t a station but a terminal instead. Here I thought it was a station all this time. If trains continued onto another destination it would be a station. All the railway lines terminate on 42nd St making it a final stop and thus making this place a terminal and not a station.

The current Grand Central Terminal is actually the third terminal on this spot. The first terminal was for steam engines. After a train crash, caused by smoke from the train, they decided to rebuild the terminal to have electric trains. The second terminal was very busy and they quickly realized they needed to make a larger one to accommodate all the people traveling. The current Grand Central Terminal opened on February 2, 1913.

I love history and it fascinates me knowing that it was built before before WWI, the 19th Amendment (allowing women the right to vote), WWII, before the TV was invented, and so much more.

It is said that there are 750,000 people who pass through the station daily. 10,000 of the visitors are there dining, meeting someone, or just taking photos like myself and do not even catch a train.

With all those people coming and going, I was so excited to get a empty area where there were no people arriving or running to catch their train. I could have spent all day here just taking photos but time was limited and there was still so much more of New York City to explore.

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