The story of Mr Pickles

Who is Mr Pickles??? Many have seen him in our vacation photos and for those who do not know him here is a little bit of information about the stuffed monkey. His name is Mr Pickles and he joined our family vacations June 2013. A little girl named Aly was in the hospital because she was battling cancer. She was stuck in her hospital room so we brought Mr Pickles (Aly is the one that picked out his name) along to show her the view beyond a hospital window while she was sick.

Mr Pickles joining us on our first trip in 2013


Mr Pickles hiked to the Delicate Arch in Arches National Park, Utah

In 2014 Mr Pickles joined us once again to travel for another little girl in the hospital, her name is Sophia. She was on a transplant waiting list wait for a new heart. During our vacation they found her a new heart!

Mr Pickles and Donkey Kong in NYC


In 2016, he received his passport.

Since Mr Pickles joined us, he has traveled to 47 states and has visited Canada with us. He still needs to make it to Alaska, Hawaii and Washington. Now that he has his passport I am sure he will end up being a world traveler as well. Mr Pickles has become our vacation mascot. He loves tagging along to visit as many states as possible. He will always travel for anyone who can not see beyond a hospital window. Just let us know and we will get the word to him.

Mr Pickles trying out some lobster in Boston Massachusetts
Mr Pickles at the World Trade Center 9/11 Memorial

Have we ever forgotten Mr Pickles?? Yes, we have. Twice. Once at my parents house so Mr Pickles had to trust the USPS to get back home. With their reputation we were a little surprised he made it back home quickly with no detours.

The second time was in Bowling Green, Kentucky. As we were touring the Corvette Museum I noticed Mr Pickles was not with us!!!!!! We had left him at the hotel all alone!!! I called the hotel and they searched the room and found him. It was a good thing for Mr Pickles and I that we were only ten minutes away so we were able to go back to the hotel and pick him up.

Rob is hopeful that is the last of Mr Pickles staying behind some where.

I will not make any promises.

Mr Pickles jumping on the bed at the hotel after we left him. Looks like he did not miss us!



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